When moving your LP12 there are precautions that you should follow so as not to damage to the main bearing. Bearing damage will decrease the performance of your LP12.

The LP12 platter weighs almost 8 1/2 lbs and all of that weight sits on a microscopic single point. This means the pressure on that single point can be well over 100,000 psi. If the platter were to be bumped while in transit or while removing or installing the outer platter you can multiply the pressure on that single point. This can cause a flat spot which enlarges its contact area. A larger contact area will create extra noise and friction as the platter rotates and will start the process of extra wear on that single point and the performance of the bearing will continue to go downhill.

To safely move your LP12, always remove the outer platter. Use a cloth to prevent fingerprints (see “Maintaining your LP12”)

Then get 2, 1/2” thick shims, these can be cardboard, small pieces of plywood etc. The ones pictured are 1/2″ plywood wrapped in masking tape. Again, using a cloth lift the inner platter an inch or so and place the shims to the left and right side of the inner platter and gently let the inner platter down onto the shims. With these precautions there is no chance that you can accidentally cause excess pressure to the main bearing and damage it.



To prevent bumping the platter in transit, wrap the platter in a cloth or towel and place it in a bag.

When putting the platter back in place to use the LP12, again with the cloth, gently lift the inner platter just enough to remove the shims. Holding the inner platter with both hands on opposite sides, slowly let the inner platter go down so that it doesn’t hit the bottom with any force. You may find that older bearings don’t go down all the way even when you let go of the inner platter, this is normal, they do not have breather holes in the top bushing that let the air out. If this is the case just let it sit until the inner platter settles into position. Then, using the cloth, set the outer platter onto the inner as gently as possible. Replace the mat and you’re ready to go.

For traveling in your car, it’s best to place the LP12 (in it’s box if you have one) on the seat of the car. This cushions the LP12 from the bumps on the road much better than sitting on the hard surface in the trunk.

If the LP12 is being shipped, there is much more that needs to be done to keep it safe and you should contact myself or another Linn dealer that has extensive knowledge of the LP12.