With a few precautions you can help your LP12 maintain it’s performance without the need for regular servicing. With these and the tips from the “Moving your LP12” page your LP12 will sound great for years.

The LP12 platter is made from a zinc aluminum alloy which is sprayed with a clear finish at the factory to protect the appearance. However handling the platter can leave fingerprints, which over time will oxidize, then become raised and extremely hard making them very difficult to remove. Cosmetically this is very undesirable and in the wrong place the fingerprints degrade the performance of your turntable.

If these fingerprints are on the outside of the outer platter it will degrade the appearance of the platter significantly.

If these fingerprints are on one or both of the mating surfaces of the inner and outer platter it will degrade the performance of your LP12 since there will be a layer of contaminants between the 2 platters of your turntable.

If the fingerprints are on the outer surface of the inner platter it can cause the belt to ride unevenly over the surface and this can affect speed stability.

I always use a cloth when handling the platters to prevent fingerprints. If you do get fingerprints while handling, wipe them off right away with a slightly damp soft cloth. If the fingerprints are old and have hardened, first try the soft cloth to remove them but if that is unsuccessful, try using paper. Paper is more abrasive but not enough to damage the finish of the platters. If that is unsuccessful you may have to try using a metal polish. The surface where the belt rides, and the surfaces where the two platters mate should feel silky smooth to the pad of your finger. If they feel “gritty” they need cleaning.