The LP12 was first launched over 40 years ago and since then it has been the turntable by which all others have been judged. No other product in the history of hi-fi has stood the test of time more than the LP12. There have been dozens of upgrades in the course of the LP12’s life and the most recent “SE” upgrades are considered to be a revelation: some of which are amazingly affordable. All upgrades can be purchased as a kit so you can retrofit to older LP12 turntables, your LP12 never becomes obsolete.

Customize the quality level of your LP12 to Majik LP12, Akukurate LP12, the state of the art Klimax LP12 or anywhere in between that suits your taste and budget.

I have personally been setting up, servicing and upgrading LP12’s  for 35 years. If you are within the South-Western Ontario region, I would be happy to evaluate your LP12 and discuss setup and upgrade options.

Learn more about the Linn LP12 from the Linn website here: Linn LP12